emily royal

graphic designer  +  photographer  +  artist

about me

Growing up in a small town in southern New Hampshire, I was surrounded by woods and nature. Days were spent building forts out of sticks and fallen pine needles, climbing up towering pine trees and getting my hands dirty. 


I have always used some form of creativity in my life to convey my thoughts and emotions, whether it be through drawing, writing, photography or music. Throughout high school the artist in me began to blossom. After I figured out that being a geologist and collecting rocks wasn't made for me, I remember my mom suggesting perhaps I should look into graphic design. From then on, I knew it would be my calling. 


In 2000, I graduated from Monadnock Regional High School. In the fall of that same year, I embarked on my four year journey to my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design from Plymouth State University.


What I enjoy most about Graphic Design is being able to channel my creativity into  making effective advertisements, logos and marketing materials. Having the ability to blend typography and artwork together is an art form in and of itself.


While studying graphic design, I found my passion for photography and the dark room. I have moved on to digital since then, but still dabble a bit with my Holga and Canon 35mm.


My photography work is greatly inspired by Ansel Adams in that I like to capture landscapes, nature and people as they appear before me. I like to keep a raw sense of beauty, very rarely altering my photos to convey it as such.


Drawing is third on my ladder of artisitc passion. I often use it as my meditation after long days working in front of a computer screen. My artwork is often inspired by  tattoo culture, mehndi design and zen "doodling." I like to keep my mediums simple, using mostly pens and ink and pencils.


As I grow older I still know that I will always have room to grow to be a better graphic designer, photographer and artist, but it still all comes down to never being afraid to get my hands dirty.